Security add-in for popular email clients for certificate based digital signing and encryption of mails with Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android support providing frictionless deployment and management of S/MIME certificates at scale.

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Full private key and certificate escrow facilities. Fully encrypted and protected with an HSM stored key for recovery in case of accidental loss or malicious theft of an employees private key or certificate.

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Password-less crypto-challenge based authentication for workstations, web and SaaS. Using your mobile device, private key and biometrics to authenticate you any time to any device.

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Secure digital certificate deployment and management of IoT nodes, ensuring secure communication between nodes and IoT platform in addition to preventing rogue devices joining the network.

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The IDcentral platform is the core identity and authentication infrastructure behind Sixscape’s portfolio of products. IDcentral provides X.509 digital certificate services in the form of certificate request, retrieval, deployent and ongoing management. This includes lifescycle management to mixed end-point environments across Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, IoT, network devices and machines with transparent deployment to the end-user and silent renewals.

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End to end encrypted chat and audio/video communications platform with file transfer, providing 100% secure communication over IPv6 with digital certificates at each end and removing the security risk of intermediary servers and classic client-server architecture.

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Secure FreeBSD-based DNS server with DNSSEC support for IPv6-only networks and additional support for IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack networks. Comprehensive deployment of secure DNS-at-scale with built-in automation for key signing key, zone signing key rollover and instant prefix renumbering..

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