Extended SSL (EV)

You came to the right address! Let us borrow “land” to talk about me a bit. No one in Vietnam market can help you own EV certificate fast, safe, exactly as we can. Reason? We are the oldest in the market and have the most EV customers in the market …

Extended SSL (EV)

Products Lowest price Save Validation
GlobalSign EV Code Signing Certificate 9.840.000$ 0$ Extended Validation
Comodo EnterpriseSSL OV SSL 7.990.000$ 628.400$ Organization Validation
Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro with EV 29.090.000$ 3.288.400$ Extended Validation
Comodo EV SSL 6.890.000$ 3.886.000$ Extended Validation
Comodo EV Multi-domain Gói EV SSL kèm 2 SAN 10.290.000$ 1.662.000$ Extended Validation
Digicert EV SSL (EV cho 1 domain) 6.990.000$ 90.000$ Extended Validation
Digicert EV Multi-domain SSL (EV for 3 domain) 11.690.000$ 46.000$ Extended Validation
GeoTrust True Business ID with EV 5.690.000$ 1.486.000$ Extended Validation
GeoTrust True Business ID with EV UC/SAN 8.890.000$ 3.086.000$ Extended Validation
Comodo Positive EV 2.190.000$ 1.386.000$ Extended Validation
Comodo Positive EV Multi-domain for 3 Domain 4.290.000$ 2.118.000$ Extended Validation
Symantec Secure Site with EV 19.190.000$ 4.690.000$ Extended Validation
Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV 28.790.000$ 7.186.000$ Extended Validation
Entrust EV Multi-domain SSL 13.390.000$ 3.386.000$ Extended Validation
GlobalSign Extended Validation (EV) 21.490.000$ 0$ Extended Validation
Advanced features, display reliability and superior security

In the SSL / TLS world, EV SSL certificate is a gold standard, but rather it should be called a “green” standard. This product type not only encrypts websites, ensures user information safety from prying eyes, but also comes with a range of advanced features to enhance trust and clear evidence that you are real, reliability to jointly establish trade relations. The method to EV SSL doing this is through the address bar turning green.

EV SSL is issued by the certificate authority on a conditional basis after having carried out comprehensive authentication procedures for the enterprise, organization, address, contact phone, legal representative through verification at reliable sources according to industry standards. So if you are oriented to build brand and trust for both a user community, promote customer conversion rates and internet marketing, then EV is the only way for you to win the century. raw trade online.

Because you are a true business owner, we recommend that you show people that you are a legitimate business. This is very important, especially in the context of more and more fake websites, containing malicious code to attack users. Imagine seeing the HTTPS protocol, the padlock, the address bar showing green with the business name and the operating address and the guarantee mark from the certificate company, what would the customers think? This is a website that has been trusted, cannot be tampered with, does not contain malicious code (the SSL is equipped with a tool to scan for malicious code, authenticate content, including still photos & videos). ). “CLICK”! Is that not your goal? Only EV SSL has the browser display green in the address bar with business information so this indicator is now a universal belief for the user community. Although it is not an EV SSL, it will be successful, but please help us point out the successful online service without EV SSL! That green is the word “trust” in all those languages!

Is EV SSL suitable for you?

EV SSL has a great impact on brand reputation and community awareness of services. Not only make your website safer, you’re also committing to customers that they’re safe when dealing with you. In a fiercely competitive market, it is valuable. Today when the success of a business is always associated with their own website, the EV SSL is no longer a matter of debate. Once you have an additional customer / partner, does that contribute to the EV SSL return.

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