Sitelock website security

Sitelock is a malware and vulnerabilities scanning solution for website, to find, fix, and prevent the attack to your website. From 2008, Sitelock has protected up to 12 million websites.


  • Vulnerabilities scanning
  • Malware scanning
  • Automated Pen Testing
  • Source code testing


  • Eliminate Backdoors
  • Automatic malware removal
  • Vulnerabilities remediation


  • Managed Web App Firewall
  • DDoS Prevention
  • Backdoor mitigation
  • SQLi & XSS Prevention

Boost website

  • Global CDN
  • Load balancing
  • Dynamic & static cache
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • PCI Certified WAF
  • WAF PCI reporting
  • PCI scanning & SAQ

Sitelock Protect

Sitelock is a fully automate solution, assure continuous security for your website.

Accurate Detection

With a database of 10+ million threats, received the most comprehensive protection in the industry.

Autmatic Response

The only solution that detects and automatically removes malware and other infections.

Detailed Reports

Easy to understand weekly reports make digesting security simple.

Works Instantly

Cloud-based technology deploys and protects your site in minutes.

Boost Customer Trust

SiteLock Trust seal increases visitor trust, which boosts site conversions.

Increase Site Speed

Increase your website speed by as much as 50%.

Sitelock benefit

Sitelock provide many benefits with effective cost


Find malware faster and remove automatically with SMART ®.


The only solution that detects and automatically removes malware.


Ability to scan your website's files for 10Msecurity threats.


Website security and scanning packages for every budget.

Advanced, Cloud-Based Web Application Firewall

SiteLock® TrueShield™ web application firewall protects websites from malicious traffic and harmful requests. Our website firewall sets up in 5-minutes and keeps your website safe and secure from bots as well as targeted attacks.


Prevent website data theft, removal from search results, redirecting of site traffic, unauthorized site access and more.


Set-up in minutes and automatically protect against threats without having to make changes to website code.


Industry-leading accuracy rates ensure more bad traffic is blocked and legitimate website visitors are unaffected.

PCI Compliance

PCI DSS is a standard to protect cardholder data. Sitelock will help you compliance.

Compliance Scans+

Custom fix-it plan+

Protect Customer Dashboard+

Simplified questionaire+

Avoid fines+

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