• Manage Outsource PKI to
    a trusted third party CA

  • Reduce total cost of ownership
    for PKI up to 50%

  • Support mixed environments, multiple use cases, public or internal trust models

Auto GlobalSign Login Portal

AEG is a PKI solution that operates on GlobalSign's technology and system platform and is incorporated directly with Active Directory, thereby supporting customer operations on the Windows environment that allocates and manages digital certificates and not Invest, build and operate the internal CA system (Internal CA).

Not only the Windows environment, but also through SCEP and ACME protocols, AEG can support multiple platforms and operating systems such as Linux servers, mobile devices, network devices, and Apple OSX operating systems.

Replace Microsoft CA
with GlobalSign SaaS CA

  • Take advantage of Microsoft and Active Directory certificate services
  • Automation to free IT resources
  • With the platform and infrastructure guaranteed by GlobalSign, AEG helps you meet service commitments and compliance requirements

Expand the certificate's operating environment on multiple platforms, operating systems with public digital certificate options

  • Issuance of public digital certificates
  • ACME protocol supports issuing certificates for Linux servers
  • The SCEP server issues certificates to mobile devices, network devices and integration with MDM

AEG operation mechanism

AEG acts as a proxy between Active Directory and GlobalSign's GCC certificate management ecosystem. Through AEG, certificate requests are forwarded to GlobalSign and in the opposite direction, certificates are issued to an endpoint such as a computer, smartphone or a router.

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