SSLLabel always seeks and cooperates with the best partners in the SSL market. And these are the names that have been and are working with us:



GlobalSign – GMO Group member company – is one of the first enterprises in the world to be recognized as a public digital signature certification service provider ( 1996). With over 40 million issued certificates, GlobalSign is proud to own an effective and reputable registrar network worldwide. From the original headquarters located in Tokyo – Japan, GlobalSign’s office system has in turn been present in Singapore, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Vietnam and the world’s leading data management center. in Belgium. GlobalSign digital certificates are internationally recognized and compatible with popular browsers, operating systems, devices and applications. Details

SSLLabel was officially recognized as GlobalSign’s national brand management representative since February 2011 and has made GlobalSign the number one brand with 70% market share of SSL digital certificates in Vietnam market.


 You will not find EnTrustDataCard strange to you if you know that this is the new name of EnTrust certification firm – one of the first three certificate firms in the world, including GlobalSign, Symantec and EnTrust. Founded and officially commercialized in 1994 in the state of Dallas, USA, EnTrustDataCard’s development philosophy is “redemption to lead” with such big deals as:


2000: acquisition of enCommerce: authentication and security technology firm. The deal brought EnTrust PKI technology to become the foundation of the US Federal government’s authentication system (FBCA).

2004: acquisition of AmikaNow, a technology firm for content review, analysis and compliance to automate the standardization of content according to HIPAA standards of the health industry, and assess compliance with the Gramm Act – Leach-Biliey, Law on Electronic Documents and Protection of Personal Information and regulations of the US Federal Securities Commission.

2006: acquisition of Business Signatures Corporation, a solution to detect and prevent counterfeiting in online transactions.

2007: EnTrust with Sun Microsystems, Inc. and the Mozilla Foundation incorporate the open source PKI technology community and contribute to this community of revoked certificates of more than 5 million records.

2013: EnTrust and Datacard completed the merger transaction into EnTrustDataCard with key services ranging from PKI platform, digital certificate service, to smart card-related service solutions.

12/19/2017 – SSLLabel and EnTrustDataCard signed an exclusive distribution agreement and strategic cooperation to develop the SSL / TLS digital certificate service market.


Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ: SYMC) was established in 1982 in the United States, is one of the world’s leading network security companies, providing integrated strategies and solutions. Combined to support businesses and organizations against attacks on devices endpoints, cloud computing environments and infrastructure. Along with website security solutions and solutions, Symantec owns long-standing, prestigious SSL digital certificate brands such as Symantec SSL (formerly VeriSign SSL) along with GlobalSign SSL as one of the first two CAs from in 1996 or popular intermediate SSL brands such as Geotrust SSL and Thawte SSL. Symantec is the provider of SSL for many large systems worldwide such as Paypal, Bank of American, Asia Pay … Details at


SSLLabel was recognized as a major distributor by Symantec in January 2013. Symantec is currently the No. 2 brand (after GlobalSign) with 20% of Digital certificate market share provided in Vietnam market.


Certum – CA unit was established on December 15, 1998 under the organization of Unizeto Technologies (born in 1965), providing certificate services related to words electronic sign. The largest and oldest public certification authority in Poland, operating on a global scale – providing more than 50 countries and territories in the European market. The company is based in Szczecin, Unizeto Service Center – the most advanced IT system with the highest level of electronic security, information security and access. The year 2002 Certum became Poland’s No. 1 CA with 90% market share of digital certificates. Details at


SSLLabel is recognized by Certum as an exclusive distributor since June 2016. Certum is a long-established CA after Symantec and GlobalSign. In Vietnam market, Certum currently has a 15% direct market share deployed by SSLLabel.


Comodo is a company based in Clifton, New Jersey in the United States. Currently, Comodo and Let’s Encrypt are two CAs that have the highest number of SSL certificates issued in the world today. If you only need a certificate to prevent the website from being alerted in browsers, and enabling user location services, for a minimal cost, Comodo is your choice. In Vietnam, SSLLabel is recognized by Comodo as its official distributor from June 2016.



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