Organization SSL (OV)

Organizational Certificate (OV SSL) is an SSL product line with 256-bit standard encryption for businesses with business registration and organizations established by law. The difference between OV SSL and DV SSL is the allocation process that adds the validation of the organization and domain name. But don’t worry! As long as your business or organization operates in accordance with the law, the authentication process will not be a problem and you will have a deed in just a few days.

Organization SSL (OV)

Products Lowest price Save Validation
GlobalSign Code Signing Certificate 6.936.000$ 0$ Organization Validation
Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro OV SSL 18.790.000$ 2.702.000$ Organization Validation
Comodo Multi-Domain SSL (OV) 4 SAN 7.890.000$ 30.000$ Organization Validation
Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL 5.190.000$ 5.608.800$ Organization Validation
Digicert Standard (OV cho 1 domain) 3.990.000$ 210.000$ Organization Validation
Digicert Multi-domain SSL (OV cho 4 domain) 7.090.000$ 86.000$ Organization Validation
Digicert Wildcard (OV Wildcard) 14.190.000$ 90.000$ Organization Validation
GeoTrust True Business ID 3.090.000$ 1.686.000$ Organization Validation
GeoTrust True Business ID UC/SAN 6.290.000$ 2.302.000$ Organization Validation
GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard 11.190.000$ 3.186.000$ Organization Validation
Comodo Instant SSL (OV) 1.290.000$ 1.109.000$ Organization Validation
Comodo UCC (OV) 5 Domains 7.890.000$ 30.000$ Organization Validation
Comodo InstantSSL Premium Wildcard (OV) 5.190.000$ 5.609.000$ Organization Validation
Symantec Secure Site (OV) 7.890.000$ 1.686.000$ Organization Validation
Symantec Secure Site Pro (OV) 19.190.000$ 4.690.000$ Organization Validation
Symantec Secure Site Wildcard (OV) 45.590.000$ 2.386.000$ Organization Validation
Entrust Standard (OV cho 1 domain) 7.490.000$ 1.870.000$ Organization Validation
Entrust Advantage (OV cho 2 domain) 8.490.000$ 2.190.000$ Organization Validation
Entrust UC Multi-domain (OV cho 4 domain) 9.590.000$ 2.386.000$ Organization Validation
Entrust Wildcard OV SSL 20.090.000$ 5.086.000$ Organization Validation
GlobalSign Organization Validation (OV) 8.390.000$ 0$ Organization Validation
Globalsign Organization SSL Wildcard (OV) 22.690.000$ 0$ Organization Validation
Safe and reliable with organizational authentication

Many of our customers ask the question: why buy a certificate to authenticate the organization? The answer is an authenticated certificate firm to guarantee your organization to operate online.

Users trust certificate authorities such as GlobalSign, EnTrustDataCard, Certum, Symantec, Comodo, so when they validate your organization’s reliability, there will be more people who trust and deal with you. Today, users are very alert when making online transactions, so when your website is equipped with OV SSL, you have created your own competitive advantage.

The advantage of OV SSL certificate is that with a series of unmistakable indicators, this type of certificate will confirm to the web browser that your website has been authenticated. The address transferred from HTTP to HTTPS protocol, the key that appears in the address bar will be a sign of awareness of the security and reliability of the website.

In addition, OV SSL also has a seal of the certificate authority (site seal) with full information of the business. That will reinforce customer confidence in your website.

Prove you are a legitimate business

Of course, you are a legitimate business, but how can Internet users just by browsing the web and trust you right away? OV SSL immediately covers both security and authentication aspects to confirm that you are an enterprise or organization that operates under local law. If it is an e-commerce website, collecting user information, the first step is OV SSL. The next step will be EV!

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