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SSL is a protocol developed by Netscape for private communication over the internet in a secure manner. SSL technology protects the website and makes customers more confident. SSL creates an encrypted link between the web server and the browser to ensure all data is protected and kept private. Millions of users recognize that the “lock” that appears on the browser indicates they are entering a secure website. An SSL certificate allows to encrypt sensitive data during online data transmission. Each SSL certificate includes accurate and accurate information about its owner. Any SSL certificate issued by a certified certificate company will authenticate the identity of the certificate holder.

There are many reasons why a website needs SSL certificates. First, SSL helps the website try a competitive advantage by showing trust and legitimacy. At the same time, these certificates assure website visitors that their data cannot be tampered with or stolen by hackers. SSL certificate also ensures that sensitive customer data, such as personal information, credit card details, etc. can be transmitted from the browser to the server.

Prestige creates CA’s brand and reputation from compliance. A series of non-compliant CAs and / or poor infrastructure and low-level capabilities have also been removed by WebTrust and alliance of certificate firms and browsers (CA & amp; Browser Forum) such as: DigiNotar, CertStar, WoSign, Startcom … Other CAs such as Comodo and GoDaddy also receive warnings due to high false allocation rates and IT infrastructure systems that have been hacked by hackers … Most recently, Symantec – the managing unit of GeoTrust, Thawte, and Rapid SSL brands are forced to sell themselves to another low-cost CA after a series of false certificates. Thereby, choosing a reputable CA with infrastructure and high level of capacity right from the beginning will help you feel secure to ensure safety and security for the system, improve corporate brand image and avoid risks. being attacked or the CA itself is being controlled or removed …

SSL is not only a technology product, but also a combination of technology – processes and people. Using SSL through a genuine distributor’s system will help you:

  • Connect and process orders quickly when directly connected via API to international CAs

  • Accurate review and validation process as a genuine distributor understands the local regulations in the host country as well as the censorship process and requirements of each international CA.
  • Rapid speed of support and feedback with a long-time, professional staff has successfully deployed SSL to thousands of customers, including key national and business services. career.

  • The maximum price support policy from international CAs applies only to genuine distributors; In addition, you are fully compliant with tax regulations as required by law, especially withholding tax.

At SSLLabel, you are guaranteed all the benefits from the above support.

Each CA company will issue various types of deed with different names, however the normal digital SSL certificate will have three levels of verification: Domanin Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV)

You use DV when you just want to remove the “non-security” warning on the browser for the website and encrypt the connection bandwidth between the browser and the server, ensuring the authenticity and not fake of the website. The more prestigious the CA company is, the higher the reliability level.

You use OV and EV when you want to secure website domain name and verify the information of organization and business. EV verification level is the most advanced level of verification, allowing you to display business name information right in the browser bar with the green address bar. OV verification level allows to display business information in the deed feature.

With the Multi-domain (SAN) and Wildcard extension options, you can secure multiple domains in one digital certificate. With Wildcard you can secure an unlimited number of level 1 sub-domains under the main domain name registered. With the Multi-domain (SAN) option, you can secure multiple domains, or different individual sub-domains.

We will send you a registration email as soon as you complete your order with any SSL product with us. Some certificates will be issued within minutes as soon as you have registered. With some certificates requiring higher level authentication, it may take 3-5 business days. Depending on the type of certificate you choose, the allocation time may be more or less.

One of the factors influencing customer decisions when choosing an SSL certificate is the value of the certificate warranty, ranging from 10,000 USD to 1,500,000 depending on the type of certificate and the certificate brand. So what does certificate warranty mean? We have heard some market providers explain to customers, certificate warranty is the amount of money customers buy SSL will be received if their certificate is wrongly issued. This information is completely inaccurate and SSLLabel provide the correct information about this term as follows:


Certificate warranty is the total of the insurance value of the USER certificate (not for the certificate holder) when the user who deals with the SSL website is issued incorrectly, causing damage. Harmful to customers.


If the definition is confusing, you can find out the meaning of certificate warranty through the following example: if you trade with a website www.tenmiengiamao.com has a deed installed by the name of www.tenmienthat.com and because of trust in the firm So you conduct transactions and suffer financial losses. In that case, the certificate will be used to pay the damaged party, if you lose 1 USD, SSL brand will pay you 1 USD, if you lose 100 USD, the carrier will pay you 100 USD (of course there must be steps to authenticate, prove, claim). So what does the figure of 10,000 USD or 1.5 million USD mean? What it means is that if there are 1100 users who lose $ 100 on a website with a 10,000-insured deed and you’re 1001th, the insurance budget is gone and you won’t be covered. In other words, it is the total value divided by the value of the damaged transaction in order to get the result that the number of users will be covered. The larger the amount, the greater the number of insured people.


As such, it is clear that certificate warranty is not for individuals, organizations and businesses to buy SSL, but for users to trade with online services of organizations and businesses. The higher the value of an SSL certificate you buy, the more you are interested in your customer transactions. You can inform your customers of this content.

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