Domain SSL (DV)

Domain SSL (DV SSL) ensures secure connection and domain authentication. In terms of security, you can rest assured when DV SSL has been successfully installed on the system. The issues that interested SSL customers are often:

Delivery speed: depends on each carrier’s domain authentication tool. Alpha SSL, AffirmTrust, Certum can allocate SSL SSL very quickly even if you choose the method of admin authentication, upload random values ​​to the server, or change DNS TXT records. With Comodo (now Sectigo), admin email is the most effective authentication method.

Product brand: Alpha is loved because it is sponsored by GlobalSign brand. AffirmTrust is very suitable for customers who have only 1 domain and usually only buy 1 year. Certum DV is used when you want to integrate multiple subdomains and subdomains into one domain. Comodo is loved by customers due to user scale effect, however, the brand is in the process of renaming to Sectigo after Comodo resells SSL business.

Cost: Sorting from the most economical order will be Certum – Comodo – AffirmTrust – Alpha – GlobalSign DV SSL

BLUEBITS ensures ownership of the largest DV DV warehouse, meeting all user needs according to price range, brand or usability.

Domain SSL (DV)

Products Lowest price Save Validation
AffirmTrust SSL (DV) 499.000$ 991.000$ Domain Validation
Comodo SSL Certificate (DV) 1.390.000$ 1.008.800$ Domain Validation
GeoTrust Rapid SSL (DV) 390.000$ 1.026.000$ Domain Validation
GeoTrust Rapid SSL Wildcard (DV) 2.690.000$ 3.286.000$ Domain Validation
Comodo Positive SSL (DV) 199.000$ 977.000$ Domain Validation
Comodo Positive Multi-domain SSL for 3 Domain (DV) 3.576.000$ 0$ Domain Validation
Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL (DV) 1.890.000$ 4.086.000$ Domain Validation
GlobalSign AlphaSSL (DV) 990.000$ 186.000$ Domain Validation
GlobalSign AlphaSSL Wildcard (DV) 3.090.000$ 486.000$ Domain Validation
GlobalSign Domain Validation (DV) 5.990.000$ 0$ Domain Validation
GlobalSign Domain SSL Wildcard (DV) 20.290.000$ 0$ Domain Validation
Website protection is easy and fast

Domain certificates are a quick and simple way to protect websites with standard 256-bit encryption. The process for vetting this certificate type cannot be simpler and is usually done via email. If you have direct access to the domain name server, you can use the authentication method with the record txt record.

To receive the DV certificate, you only need to follow the instructions to prove you are the owner or have the right to use the domain name. Therefore, DV certificate is the most common in SSL certificate.

DV certificate is an opportunity for you to emphasize to the community that all information sent to the website is encrypted. Along with the highest level of encryption, your website address will switch to HTTPS protocol with a key in the address bar to create only SSL-protected websites. Users who do not understand the website are protected by any mechanism but they know that only websites with HTTPS addresses and locks are really safe.

Don’t stop there, when most website addresses switch to HTTPS protocol and display locks, e-commerce websites and websites that collect user information are gradually moving to use digital organization certificates. (OV), and high-end digital certificates (EV). The address bar displayed green with the organization name will be a way for websites to be different from their competitors

Is DV SSL certificate reliable?

Remember that DV SSL certificate has the same level of security as the more advanced certificate. The difference is that while DV SSL only focuses on security aspects, OV SSL and EV SSL extend into the aspect of creating trust for the website.

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