Is SSL too new for you?

Quick advice from will help you understand what SSL is and choose the right SSL service for your website

We all need security for our website. Since its inception, the Internet has always hidden dangers and is a haven for cybercriminals day and night plotting to harm the community. As the Internet grows, cybercrime becomes more sophisticated. Today, every security hole is sought by hackers to exploit.

The most effective security measure is one step ahead of hackers. Ensuring website security against threats requires a total security solution – and none of the entire solution is more important than SSL .

Regardless of your technical sensitivity - whether you are an IT administrator or an amateur - this guide will help you understand the basics of SSL:  

What is SSL?

How does SSL encrypt data?

How does SSL work?

Why do you need SSL?

How to have SSL?

What is SSL?

SSL is a form of digital deed. SSL digital certificate serves two basic functions: encrypting data between users (web surfers) and web servers (the server hosts a website via SSL / TLS protocol, and authenticates the business / team) Digital deed management.



What is data encryption?

When users and web servers connect with each other, data that is transmitted by publicity and high probability will be intervened or copied by a third party. This is something no one wants. SSL digital certificate will perform the connection encryption function, whereby data between users and servers will be encrypted according to the principle that only parties in the transaction (users and servers) can decrypt get data to read it. This measure will help protect personal data and sensitive information shared to unrelated objects.

What is validate?

In addition to the encryption function, SSL certificate also performs the function of supporting users to authenticate website management organizations. Creating trust for Internet users is obviously very important and the authentication functionality of SSL certificate will give users the necessary trust before they connect to the website.

Operation mechanism of SSL / TLS certificate

SSL / TLS certificate works under SSLHandshake (handshake) mechanism, whereby, in 1 millionth of a second, data exchanged between users and servers will be encrypted.

How does a web browser know my website has SSL / TLS certificate?

Purchasing SSL certificates also means that you invest to protect your customers' privacy, and SSL certificates have several browser-based mechanisms for users to recognize.

SSL issuance procedure

In order for the certificate company to issue SSL certificates for you, you need to perform some procedures. After sending it to CSR and the secret key, information about your organization will be censored by the certificate company. The certificate is issued, you will need to install it on the server and configure the HTTPS protocol.

SSLLabel ™ Buyer Guide

Thus, you now understand what SSL / TLS digital certificates are, how they work and what you will need to do to get certificates and certificates issued. run on your website. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a variety of factors that determine the type of certificate that is right for you and your website.

There are also additional benefits and features that you may want to take advantage of to help you optimize your newly purchased SSL certificate that works with dark value. multi. To make the right decision for you and your company, you will need all the information above.

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