Payment policy of

Multi-channel payment according to customer requirements

Pricing policy

SSLLABEL.COM is a project that provides online SSL digital certificate service of Vietnam Digital Certification Corporation. The project is developed and completed on the basis of:

  • – Prestige No. 1 in Vietnam market in digital deed services
  • – User and agency experiences in 8 years of continuous digital certificate business with the world’s leading certificate firms.
  • – Develop an online channel that provides digital certificate services to facilitate trade for customers, improve service quality.
  • – Deploy promotions based on the exclusive distributor advantage of major certificate firms to support the Internet community in Vietnam to access SSL more easily.

Therefore, the pricing policies of will be applied on the basis of each user group such as new purchase, renewal, first purchase at, multiple purchases at SSLLABEL. com, introduced by existing customers; exchange rate between USD, SGD, EUR in VND.

Payment currency

At, all transactions must be made in Vietnamese Dong.

Forms of payment accepts the following forms of payment:

  • – Payment through international credit cards through payment gateways, payment intermediaries operating legally in Vietnam such as Napas, OnePay, 123Pay.
  • – Bank transfer
  • – Payment at collection address (applied from time to time)


Conditions of payment only accepts prepaid payments. After the credit for a customer order is approved by, the order will be activated on the system to wait for the company to approve it according to the conditions of each company and each type of deed. SSLLABEL commits to refund all 100% credit of customers if:

  • – The deed is mistakenly issued to another subject
  • – The order was issued with the wrong type, the supplier.
  • – Customers are not eligible to issue high-level authentication certificates (EV)

In the above cases, in addition to refunding 100% customer credit, credit transfer fee paid by, is not responsible for compensation for any other incurred.

Article event of reclaiming and changing the type of deed for customers

Within 7 days after the deed is issued, the customer has the right to change the other deed type. If the intended deed type has a higher price than the one issued, the customer will pay the missing balance to If the type of redemption certificate is lower than the issued certificate, the difference will be saved to SSLLABEL for the next time of renewal, new purchase on the basis of clearing with the price of the certificate at the time renewal points, new purchases. SSLLABEL is not responsible for paying interest on the remaining funds in the customer’s account.


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