Information security policy

Your personal information is of special interest to us

Scope: What personal information do we collect?
We collect personal information when you register for an account on, purchase product – service, subscribe to an internal newsletter (newsletter) or register for interest through the landing page of
Note: although accepts credit card payments and has reached the payment card industry standard (PCI DSS), we do not store cardholder data. All cardholder data is entered by you at the payment gateway website, payment intermediary operates legally in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.
Except as required by law enforcement agencies, we will never share personal information collected to a third party.
The personal information that will collect includes: personal name and personal name; organization and business information; addresses of individuals, organizations – businesses; tax codes of organizations and enterprises; email address; phone number.

What is the purpose of using our personal information?
Personal information collected and stored by will be used for purposes
• Personalize the customer / user experience
• Improve the service quality of
• Improve customer service of
• Communicate periodically with customers through internal newsletters

How to protect personal data and storage time? carries out a variety of security and privacy measures to protect personal data. Data of personal information will be stored until it is requested to cancel or self-login and cancel. SSLLABEL does not arbitrarily perform the deletion or change of personal data information unless required by the user and confirmed from the email to register personal information.
In case of having to change or remove personal information, will notify the user before changing or removing personal information within 05 working days. Changes and removals will only be made after approval by the user.
Means and tools to access and edit personal information data
Through’s personal account system, users can register online by filling in the required information and then logging in 24 * 7 * 365 to change and / or remove. Your personal and account information.
Users may also request business phone support to change and delete their personal data after performing user authentication requests or contacting directly at:
129B Tran Dang Ninh, Dich Vong, Cau Giay, Hanoi
Tel: 024 3793 2762

Our commitment
We are committed to protecting the personal information of our customers and endeavor to apply the most appropriate measures to protect personal information.
Personal information is committed to absolute confidentiality by SSLLABEL according to SSLLABEL.COM’s personal information protection policy. Collection of personal information by users is only possible with the consent of the individual unless otherwise provided by law.
The administration of requires individuals to make their personal information online to ensure absolute accuracy and to be legally responsible for the above information. SSLLABEL is committed to using personal information in accordance with the scope and purpose stated. makes sure not to transfer, provide or disclose to any other third party personal information before obtaining personal permission.
In the event that the server hosting the information is compromised resulting in data loss, will be responsible for informing the investigating authorities promptly and notifying the known member. . Accounting information related to contracts, invoices will be stored in the safety level data area of ​​

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