Comodo to Globalsign & Entrust promotion


Comodo CA is a long-standing brand in the SSL industry, with nearly 20 years providing SSL for organizations, idividuals. In October 2017, Comodo sold its SSL to Francisco Partners, a technology investment group. In November 2018, Francisco Partners announced that it would change the Comodo CA brand to Sectigo. From 2019, the Sectigo brand will replace Comodo in the market.

The brand transformation will entail a lot of influence on customers and users, including the effects of deed re-issuance, brand reputation, change costs, censorship changes …

In 2018, Symantec’s sold to Digicert has caused Symantec’s customers to experience troubles and fatigue. Many Symantec customers have converted to other certificate providers. With Comodo – Sectigo, troubles will definitely happen, and you need to consider whether to continue using or switch to another brand. In order to assist users to conveniently switch to a new provider. , SSLLabel provides the Comodo – Sectigo to Globalsign and Entrust SSL conversion program as follows:

1. Which product are you using?

2. What extension options do you use?

Notice: The program only applies to conversion of products from Comodo to Globalsign and Entrust. Customers who are not part of the Comodo conversion program or who do not meet the requirements and still make a purchase, may be refuse to provide the service and will make a refund (without the transaction fee is in accordance with the policy of Onepay payment gateway).

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